Hindu baby boy names start with Y Letter and meaning

Hindu baby boy names start with Y Letter and meaning:

If your looking for Indian Hindu baby boy names here is the right place we are providing the best positive vibration names.Choose and find best names for your little baby.We are happy to present our comprehensive list of Hindu Baby Boy Names along with its meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The table below gives a list of names for every alphabet along with its English meanings for a baby boy.

yadav community related to lord krishna
yadavendraleader of the yadavas
yadhavachandra  krishna
yadhavendrasri krishna
yadheswar lord at yadhagiri , nara simha
yadhu mithra friend of yadhus krishna
yaduan ancient king
yadunandan son of yadu, krishna
yadunathlord krishna
yaduraj  lord krishna
yaduvir lord krishna
yaekanthonly the one
yagapreeth  who loves yoga, lord
yagnaceremonial rites to god
yagnabhushan  wearing yagna a an ornament
yagneshlord of yagna
yagnya prabhu  lord of yagna
yagnyavalkya  the disciple of vysampayana rishi
yagyasenname of king drupad
yagyesh lord for the sacrificial fire
yaj a sage
yajat lord shiva
yajnadhar lord vishnu
yajnaruplord krishna
yajnesh  lord vishnuyakootah emerald
yakshaa type of a demi-god
yakshu rajkuberayamahil  lord vishnu
yamajit  lord shiva
yamir moon
yarish chandra  a famous maharshi
yashaschandra glowing with fame
yashasviattained famous
yasho athifamous
yashodev lord of fame
yashodhakrishna  krishna loved by mother yashoda
yashodha kumarson of yashodha , lord krishna yashodhan  rich in fame yashodhar  famous
yashovardhana who becomes famous yashovarman
yashvasin the popular. lord ganesha
yashwant  one who has achieved glory
yasodhanandhasri krishna
yathavanlord vishnu
yathiswar lord of devotees
yatindra  lord indra
yatish  lord of devotees
yatneshgod of efforts
yayati name of a sage
yodha the great fighter
yogadeva lord of yoga
yogamruth the nectar of yoga
yogapathi best of maharshis
yogasiddheshwar achieved the blessings of shiva
yogendra god of yoga
yogeshgod of yoga
yoginampati  lord of the yogis
yogine saint. a name for lord hanuman
yogini lover of yogas. lord krishna
yogirajgreat ascetic, lord shiva
yudhajit  victor in war
yudhisthir firm in battle , dharma raju
yugandharlives till end of an era
yugantar lives till end of an era
yukthamukh union of all faces of brahma
yuvarajprince, heir apparent
yuvaram young lord rama
yuvasamratyoung emperor
yuyutsueager to fight

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