Hindu baby boy names start with J Letter and meaning

Hindu baby boy names start with J Letter and meaning:

If you’re looking for Indian Hindu baby boy names here is the right place we are providing the best positive vibration names.Choose and find best names for your little baby.We are happy to present our comprehensive list of Hindu Baby Boy Names along with its meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The table below gives a list of names for every alphabet along with its English meanings for a baby boy.

jadhava yadava
jag jeevavlife of the world
jagthe universe
jagachandramoon of the universe
jagadayulife spring of the universe
jagadbandulord krishna
jagadeeplight of the world
jagadevlord of the world
jagadhishlord of the world
jagajeetconquerer of the world
jagajeevanlife of the world
jaganuniverse. world
jaganmayspread over the universe
jagannathlord vishnu, lord of the world
jagatbehariworld traveler
jagatgurupreceptor of the world
jagmohanhe attracts the world
jagjeevanworldly life
jagravinspire, stimulate, excite,awakened
jaichandvictory of the moon
jaidayalvictory of kindness
jaidevgod of victory
jaideepvictory to the light
jaigath winning,champion,successful,victorious
jaigopalvictorious lord krishna
jaikrishnalord krishna victory
jaiminian ancient philosopher
jaipallord brahma
jaipallord vishnu
jairajlord of victory
jairamvictory of lord rama
jaisalfamous folk
jaishankar lord shiva victory
jaisukhwilling victor
jaisukhjoy of winning
jaitraleading to vitory
jaithragod vishnu
jaivallife giving
jaivardhanlord shiva
jakariouspeaceful friend
jaladgiving water
jalbhushanornament of water, wind
jaldevgod varun
jaldhar the clouds
jalendranoble of the water
jalendumoon in the water
jaleshnoble of water
jalindralord of the water


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